Nigerian Film Festival Honours Molosi

  • Bayelsa Film Festival in to celebrate Molosi’s contribution to the arts
  • Molosi will fly to Lagos in a week’s time to receive the honour


Award winning actor, author and film producer, Donald Molosi, will be honoured at a ceremony in Bayelsa State in the South region of Nigeria this month.
The versatile creative will be honoured for his contribution to the arts over the past two decades and will be travel to Nigeria in a week’s time to personally receive the honour.
While in Nigeria, Molosi will also attend the Nigerian premiere of his latest film, “Partly Cloudy & Hot” starring Kaone Kario and Zenzo Ngqobe. The short film is also nominated for Best Short Film at Bayelsa International Film Festival 2023.
“I am humbled and grateful,” Molosi said in statement. “As a film producer, I am constantly looking to connect with diverse audiences.”

Child prodigy
Aged 37, Molosi was a child performer on Botswana Television and Yarona FM more than 20 years ago. At 15 years of age, he addressed the United Nations and moved to New York two years later. He retired last year from his 15 years acting career working on Broadway as a producer, writer and actor and shifted his career focus from the United States to Africa.
Some of his career highlights are “Blue, Black and White” and “Today It’s Me.”
Molosi retired from two decades of a professional stage career that included 15 years on Broadway in New York City. He is now Executive Producer and founder at CattlePost ‘s London office.
“I will still act in films even as I am now a full-time Executive Producer,” he said.