Botswana Metal Rock Muso Visits America 

  • Indian River Music Company sponsors the trip
  • Says will benchmark and visit space launch pad at Cape Canaveral


Heavy metal rock music enthusiasts in Florida, USA are in for a treat from southern Africa, thanks to a visit there by the lead vocalist of Botswana’s first-rate rock band, Overthrust.

Tshomarelo “Vulture” Mosaka’s trip is fully sponsored by Overthrust’s record label, Indian River Music Company.

“I am travelling alone as an ambassador of Botswana’s rock music scene but will travel with the whole band next year,” he said in an interview with Time Out.

Botswana vs American rock music 

“While in the USA, I will host general music workshops, do cultural exchanges and benchmark in music promoter services, events organising, filming and studio and entertainment services.”

Overthrust has turned this predominantly Western musical genre into something uniquely African. For that reason, Mosaka expects American patrons to be drawn to their version because local and American rock music differs.

In his view, the only similarities are that metal bands hold a mirror right back on society and listeners are responsive to the raw human emotion.

Old African beliefs 

He explained: “Ours is characterised by incorporation of African beats, which we mix with classic and modern rock beats to complete.

“In the case of our band, Overthrust, we talk about old African beliefs and what people used to think of myths such as the existence of ghosts and witchcraft.

“In the US, bands are into extreme entertainment and fiction inspired by deep thought, sci fi and horror. Their music is more sophisticated because of use of powerful equipment and availability of musical resources.”

Watch rock music bands live

While in America, Mosaka will also explore some tourist attraction sites in Florida, among them the Cape Canaveral Launch Complex (NASA), the famous Miami beaches, the film and music industries, as well as watch some legendary rock music bands live.

“I will definitely gain huge experience in music, promotions, event organising and band management skills that I will share with local and regional artists back here at home,” he said.