More Sex? Yes!

The event is back again because sexual health is a topic that requires continual demystifying as it can easily get lost in colloquial and social media narrative




In its fourth year running, the “Just Sex” event is promising to be a true display of growth and mindset change, which should be the characteristic of any event that experiences some form of longevity.

With a new venue partner this year in Aquarian Tide Hotel, there is a fresh perspective on every aspect of the show, culminated by amazing speakers with some riveting topics to engage with the audience on Friday 8 December.

Light My Fire – Sex Educator Lisa Welsh (South Africa), who comes highly recommended by mainstay resident sexologist Dr. Elna Rudolph, will be bringing all the flames with a mind-blowing and spine-tingling offering as she balances the raunchy with delicate sensitivity.

  • Keeping it Up – Dr. Sello is a certified Men’s Clinic international doctor, trained to treat and manage sexual dysfunction. He has many years of experience in assisting many men restore their dysfunction sexual activities. He is also a senior medical officer under urology for close to 10 years of experience in managing mostly urological ailments including prostate diseases. His area of interest is male sexual health.
  • ‘Mjoloship’ – Some say mjolo the pandemic, others say mjolo will show you dust (in not such light terms), we say ‘mjoloship’ is a whole study to be unpacked. Who better to do such a topic justice than the firebrand who lives and breathes to be unadulterated in her stance but the formidable Agatha Atlholang, certified Wellness Coach and founder of Wellness in Motion #IkageMotswana.

Sexual health is a topic that requires continual demystifying as it can easily get lost in colloquial as well as social media narrative, which is often blemished by riffraff and many untruths.

This is precisely why this event strives to educate and re-educate year in and year out. Through consistently tapping into knowledge, imparted by the pool of professionals and experience-taught individuals who willingly pour themselves out for the betterment of many, the mist should lift from this ageless interactive engagement.


Event organisers, Michelle Phetlhe and her partner have teamed up with Aquarian Tide Hotel at Airport Junction Mall, as well as their valued partner Durex, to bring an awe-inspiring show this year facilitated by Petula El-Kindiy.

Brand stance

Durex continues to push the envelope in the Sexual Health and Wellness landscape and truly defines Corporate Social Responsibility by aligning with events such as Just Sex.

This solidifies the brand stance in its commitment to safeguard responsible and safe sex, sexual healthcare and “all-round” enjoyable sex.

Details and enquires on the event and on ticket sales: (Early bird P200 and Single P300 inclusive of dinner, drinks, gifts) can be sent to , WhatsApp + 267 71619565 or +26771663953  as well as the Facebook Page ‘Just Sex’.