Botswana’s Diamond Story Wrapped Up in 16 Stamps

  • “Diamonds of Botswana” serves as miniature canvases showcasing the beauty and elegance of Botswana’s diamonds and the artistic expressions they inspire


Officially launched in Orapa last week, the latest stamp is styled “Diamonds of Botswana” and tells the story of the evolution of diamond mining in Botswana over the years since their discovery in the 1960s.

The definitive issue is a partnership between BotswanaPost and Debswana and has 16 denominations.

The new stamps depict themes of diamonds – the history of the stones, the machinery used to bring them from the belly of the earth to the surface and the socio-economic development that they enable.

History and identity

“These stamps will serve as miniature canvases, showcasing the beauty and elegance of our diamonds and the artistic expression they inspire,” said the Minister of Communications, Knowledge and Technology, Thulagano Segokgo, at the launch.

“The stamp, as an ambassador of our country, transcends borders and communicates the history and identity of our people. It is a powerful symbol that connects us to our roots and serves as a reminder of our collective journey.”

Okavango Blue

The stamps represent a chapter in Botswana’s history, from the discovery of diamonds in the 1960s to their subsequent socio-economic impact and include discovery of the exceptional 20.46-carat Okavango Blue and the 1 098-carat gem-quality stone at Orapa Mine.

Debswana equipment

The stamps also showcase the commonly used machinery and equipment used by Debswana in its mining operations such as the haul trucks and the Bucyrus machines and excavators.

Said the CEO of BotswanaPost, Cornelius Ramatlhakwane, at the launch: “Philately is a driving force behind specialised tourism known as philatelic tourism. This form of tourism enables enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of stamps while experiencing the local culture, history, and heritage.

“Stamp collectors worldwide are not only interested in collecting; the stamp images draw them to visit Botswana to appreciate the flora and fauna depicted. Stamps serve as collectible souvenirs that tourists can bring home as mementos of their travels.”

Philatelic community

Diamonds of Botswana stamps will also present the world’s philatelic community with an opportunity to learn about Botswana while they realise their love for stamps collection.

Their release follows the Kgalagadi Biodiversity definitive stamp issue released in 2018, which reflected the biome and habitat diversity within the Kalahari Desert, showcasing the vertebrates that inhabit the desert.

BotswanaPost will distribute the stamps through their vast array of 140 post offices across the country to give Batswana and residents a chance to buy them. The stamps will also be distributed at the mines, primary schools, and licensed book stores.

Significant forums

The stamps will be showcased at significant forums such as the Southern African Postal Operators Association (SAPOA) and the Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU). SAPOA holds annual stamp exhibitions in South Africa where BotswanaPost participates.

They will also be showcased to postal bodies of all African states affiliated to PAPU.

Definitive stamps are generally released every five years to commemorate significant aspects of a nation.