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Bringing the festive cheer with Hotbox Coffee

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Popular PR man at Hotwire PRC, HotBox has made his mark yet again. Last week the PR savant announced a collaboration with one of the city’s loved hotspot, The Daily Grind, bringing coffee lovers a bit more festive cheer with The HotBox Coffee added onto their menu.

“The collaboration between two great brands is something to celebrate and we really felt a great opportunity and connection between the HotBox persona and The Daily Grind. It’s a fun way to take his engagement to the next level, and The Daily Grind team have been incredible in coming up with the perfect coffee,” said Taazima Kala-Essack, Lead Consultant at Hotwire PRC.

A dash of espresso and a scintillating mix of earthy spices and coconut, the HotBox Coffee has already proven to be a hit with coffee-lovers so far. Popular Food Blogger and coffee enthusiast, Lunch with Bae, describes it as “Christmas in a Cup.” The drink is perfectly suited to HotBox’s personality, beloved as the official mascot and face of PR Consultancy, Hotwire. The HotBox Coffee can be ordered off-menu at The Daily Grind for an unlimited period.

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