British director sets upcoming film in Botswana

Film features local actors and its festival release is in 2019


After hosting the premiere of his films “White Colour Black” and “Faces” in Botswana, award winning British filmmaker and director, Joseph Adesunloye is back in the country to film his upcoming feature titled, “2033”. Adesunloye has made his mark in modern cinema by tackling contemporary subjects that deal with diversity and the struggles of people trying to find their place in today’s world.
In an interview with TimeOut he said his upcoming film due for release in 2019, “2033” is set in a dystopian future where after Africa’s population booms to unsustainable levels and a radical solution is proposed and implemented. An annual cull of 4 million men is put in place to control populations, and this must be done on the 35th birthday. Against this backdrop two lovers find their world torn apart.
“When I came to Botswana, I made friends with some very talented Batswana actors and creatives and I was taken by Botswana’s beauty and very surprised that not more films are shot here so I wanted to bring more of this incredible scenery to the world,” he said.
Spearheaded by Donald Molosi Entertainment and British production outfit, DreamCoat Films the movie will be shot mainly in Maun and various parts of the Okavango Delta. Furthermore, the young director revealed that “2033” features an array of talented Batswana actors and South African thespian Thabo Rametsi who stars in “Kalushi” opposite Donald Molosi.
“I believe in as much Pan African casting as possible with the local creatives at the center include performers like Loretta Mekgwe, King Tux among others. This is a film that will travel to global film festivals and it’s a great way to signpost Botswana and encourage more people to come and make films here and to encourage young Batswana talent to begin to do more work and not just leave. Hopefully it will add a little to towards them creating an industry,” he shared, adding that the film will premiere in Botswana and they will try to make sure it is screened in many places across the country and the globe.
Adesunloye’s first feature film, “White Colour Black” which premiered this year May in Gaborone follows the story of Leke, a young successful photographer living a hedonistic lifestyle in London. He has been estranged from his father for many years and has not returned to Senegal since his childhood. When his father becomes ill, Leke has to make the journey back to bury him and to rediscover a culture he has long forgotten. The film is a celebration of the human spirit and the beauty of African customs. His second feature film, “Faces” is a multi narrative feature film set across four storylines that follow a group of characters as their lives begin to unravel. Aisha is in a marriage that has become stale. When her wish to get pregnant finally becomes reality, she receives some very unexpected news. Louie and Gaspard are a gay couple who are happily in love but when Louie’s female fianceé suddenly shows up in the picture, all that they hold dear begins to fall apart. Adam and Luke are best friends, but an attack on Adam at a party threatens to create a schism between them. Sindiso runs a charity for women to which she has dedicated herself. When the centre begins to have financial troubles with the real risk of closing, Sindiso has to question her fundamental motivations.