Mpho Sebina spreads her wings to Ghana

Black Butterfly crooner, Mpho Sebina this past Friday staged her first performance in West Africa at a creative space called, ‘Shop Accra’in the capital city of Ghana. Sebina’s lifelong dream to visit the country was realised with an invite to perform at a live music event dubbed “Senses”.
“I made a lot of connections via my social media and through friends of friends in the creative spaces I landed the gigs. My music speaks for itself in terms of quality, authenticity and production. People connect with it all over the globe,” she said.
In word of encouragement, the Loves Light hitmaker says artists need to take advantage of modern technology and platforms to create world wide connections with global citizens. “The internet is our best friend and you need to keep uploading your content online, keeping your audiences updated and make connections,” she advised.
In Accra, Sebina performed songs from her EP Neo and a cover of a Ghanaian song she learned during her stay in Ghana. “Look out for visual collaborations and new music is a story I’ll discuss next year,” she concluded.