Calcohol Candy is finding Sweet Success in Alcohol-infused Candy


Coming just in time for the party season is locally-owned Calcohol Candy Store that makes homemade alcoholic candy.

The small business currently has six products under its belt – Alcoholic Gummy Bears, Liquor Lollipops, Strawberries coated with chocolate and alcohol pipettes, Marshmallows made with alcohol, Popcorn coated in caramel-infused alcohol and Jello with shots.
“The candy has the same effect because the alcohol percentage in the product remains unchanged,” co-founder of Calcohol Candy, Lesedi Kgomotso, told Time Out. “The buzz depends on the amount of product you take because it’s the same as your tolerance ratio to volume.”

How it started
When founders Kgomotso and One Matlhare returned from school abroad, they had to adjust to the cost of living without allowances while looking for jobs. Enjoying outdoor fun and having a good time with friends inspired them to do what they enjoy doing while earning an income.

Said Kgomotso: “What better way than alcoholic candy, best for games nights and chilling! Our target audience is not limited. Anyone above the age of 18 can enjoy and indulge in our wide range of products.”

Catalogue and process
Calcohol Candy Store’s current catalogue has six products with different alcohol brands such as Jägermeister, Tanqueray, Absolute Vodka, Amarula, Hennessy and Tequila Olmeca.
As the company grows the plan is to introduce other alcohol brands to widen the variety. Summer products to tackle the heat wave are in the pipeline. “All our products are made from scratch with love and of course alcohol,” Kgomotso bubbled.

“It took us quite some time to master the recipes because alcohol evaporates during heating. So we customised the recipes to make sure none of the alcohol was lost to evaporation. We use a special candy thermometer to ensure that.”

“After all the products are made, they are kept in the refrigerator at all times because they are temperature-sensitive due to the alcohol content. Once they are ready, we package them and wait for collection or we place them in cooler boxes with ice ready for delivery.”