Chasing Dollar: A Hustler’s Anthem By Jordan Moozy

  • New track is a mindset that calls on people to rise and chase their dreams


Singer, urban poet and instrumentalist Jordan Moozy has released his first single for the year called “Chasing Dollar.”


The songwriter says the new track is a hustler’s anthem that keeps one moving just when one feels like giving up. Co-written with Yaone Harris Koikoi, produced by KD Bangers and co-produced by Flex the Ninja,

The song is about encouraging people to keep their eyes on the prize.


“One cloudy day in December of 2022, KD Bangers played me the beat for what is now known as Chasing Dollar,” Moozy explains. “As I toyed around with words, style and rhythm, the chorus formed organically with the feel of a mantra.”


“We played back the recording over and over again and the hook stuck like a nursery rhyme. When you listen to the song, I want you to know you are not

alone and that you actually form part of a community of hustlers chasing the dollar.


“This is not just a song but is a mantra. The words are intended to elevate the

consciousness of the listener.”




The poetic musician says Chasing Dollar transcends material manifestation as it is first a belief system that wealth and success are a birthright of Batswana. Secondly, it is a mindset that calls on people to rise and chase their dreams. But in the end, it is a legacy.


“Many of us have buried our dreams and are walking around with graveyards inside,” the artist asserts. “When we chase our dreams and follow what’s in our hearts, we inevitably inspire those around us to do the same, thus spreading more light into the world and leave behind a blueprint of self-actualisation for the next generation.


“So, as you take that sip of water, sit down to write that proposal. As you greet your neighbor, lift that weight at the gym and count your stack at the end of the business day. This is the song I wrote to remind us why we do what we do.”