Content Creators To Look Out For Under Lockdown

With the nationwide lockdown in force, many are finding themselves with extra time on their hands and the daily consumption of online content is on the rise as content increasingly finds its way to news feed driven by emerging and established content creators on a mission to win the battle against COVID-19 blues. GOSEGO MOTSUMI has been sampling their work.

With the country under lockdown for control of COVID-19, people are looking for ideas for activities and entertainment around their homes. Audiences are also desperately looking for people they can connect with, relate to and rely on and there is growing popularity for upcoming and established content creators. This publication has identified some of these who are keeping everyone occupied during this unprecedented time.

Sexplanations with Dr Gure on Facebook has for the past few weeks taken social media by storm. Owned by medical doctor, Dr Gure Gure of MedExpo Private Clinic, the platform gives advice and taps into the doctor’s vast knowledge of sexual matters. Dr Gure has broken the silence on the taboo subject of sex that is now greatly received by his audience throughout Botswana and abroad. He is a young and enthusiastic doctor who describes himself as a practitioner who desires to see health for all in the modern era. He advocates health knowledge and information for all and believes that when people know and understand, they can make better health decisions.

Tumie Nthutang is a digital entrepreneur and fashion stylist whose YouTube channel mainly focuses on lifestyle vlogs where she shares pieces of her everyday life. She is a long-standing Youtuber who has been giving viewers a snippet of her creativity, fun, and constantly transitional life as a vlogger, fitness enthusiast, stylist, and student. As a digital entrepreneur, she has amassed thousands of fans through her Instagram, Facebook and Youtube content.

Media entrepreneur and storyteller, Tshepo Ntshole, recently introduced her new podcast dubbed “The Girlfriend’s Series.” The platform encourages powerful conversations that motivate people to become the best version of themselves. Ntshole and her guests delve into the topics of self-care, career, finance, family, travel and life. In one of her series, she addresses people’s affliction of money, a conversation that she hopes will break down a few walls, ignite something and allow people to get on a path of renewal. Ntshole is a passionate media and broadcast practitioner with 20 years of experience and currently in the television sector. She continues to want to create conscious content with great emphasis on stories from Botswana and Africa. She is also a speaker on women empowerment, particularly economic, business, and all things media related.

Suero TV YouTube Channel and Podcasts by Personal Financial Coach, Lorato Akpata of Suero Consulting, simplify personal finance for individuals, couples, and groups so that they lead stress-free lives. The first episode of the channel explores the topic of Savings and Investments In a Recession with Economist for First National Bank Botswana, Moatlhodi Sebabole. Akpata also talks about money management as times get tough so people may stretch their income for the next couple of months. She has also interviewed creatives on how they can best manage their creative businesses and make them profitable during this low season.

Teto Mokaila and Lesego Leshie Lovesong Nchunga-Mokaila are a married Batswana couple sharing their love, experiences, thoughts and adventures with their audiences on their Youtube channel, “Our African Print Thoughts with Pelo le Ngwedi.” The creatives have featured a segment on their channel sharing their lockdown experiences and engaged in the deep conversation topic segment where they talked about self-care in their second episode. Teto is an actor and photographer while Leshie lovesong is a poet, writer and human rights attorney.

Dr Aone Ditirwa is a lifestyle Youtuber, medical doctor and the founder of luxury footwear company R’alocha. Doctor Ditirwa shares her many talents as a creative curator, global citizen, beauty and fashion enthusiast and being a young Christian.

Thembile Legwaila’s Youtube channel, Thembi’s Take, is a lifestyle channel that covers topics of relationships, friendships, beauty, and travel. Her latest upload is a fun vlog where she is sharing some of her dating red flags that women can look out for in a potential partner.

Agriculture with Pearl, owned by young farmer Pearl Ranna, is an agricultural TV show on Facebook that covers all the latest agribusiness opportunities from farm innovation and technology, agricultural policy dialogue and events. Ranna is a young multi-faceted global change-maker who seeks to create good influence in the ever-shifting agricultural sector across the whole value chain, which includes policy analysis and research in Botswana and across sub-Saharan Africa regarding food security and poverty eradication. She is passionate about empowering the youth and women in the farming sector through various social impact initiatives and programmes which drive economic empowerment and improve social capital for marginalised demographics.