Seretse, Boseja Girls donate to 100 Orphans and Vulnerable Children

  • 100 hygiene packs, face masks, school bags and shoes donated to Gobojango JSS students

On 19 November 2021 over one hundred orphans at Gobojango Junior Secondary School received donations comprising of hygiene packs, face masks, school bags and shoes at a special handover ceremony.

In playing her humanitarian part, a young Motswana woman Gorata Seretse along with a group of friends and a non-profit organization Boseja Girls donated to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) at the school.

The P8000 financial contribution made in lieu of 100 hygiene packs (sanitary pads each, soap bars, face cloths), school bags, school shoes and face masks will allow 100 girls to have decent menstrual hygiene for the next five months.

The handing over ceremony was attended by the school management, led by the Headmaster Otukile, the Guidance and Counselling Teacher Mma Mmatema and school matron Mma Dimeku, students from the (OVC) program and other members of staff.

At the event Seretse said that, “Since the wake of the pandemic, people across the globe have been experiencing the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, economies and families have been deeply impacted in negative ways. Loss of jobs and income, the inability to pay bills, and an overwhelming sense of fear have become the undesired reality of many people which is why we have to play an active role in extending a helping hand.”

In his remarks during the handover ceremony, the school headmaster Otukile revealed that the donation came at a time when the school was faced with challenges in supporting some students with the much-needed essentials required to ensure daily living.

When speaking at the event, Seretse indicated that the generous donation will provide health, hope and a chance for the students to know that there are people in communities willing and ready to assist in times of need. She further implored the students to take their studies seriously and aim to attain better grades as COVID-19 has already highlighted the inequalities in distribution of resources.