Cresta Mahalapye Unveils Sophisticated New Wing 

  • 60-room South Wing adds to existing North Wing to bring total room inventory to 124
  • Has two presidential suites, two executive suites, and a paraplegic-friendly room
  • There are high-definition smart TVs, smart lighting systems and automated climate controls




Following its ground-breaking ceremony in February 2022, Cresta Mahalapye recently unveiled its state-of-the-art “South Wing,” much to the delight of key stakeholders in the country’s hospitality industry.


The hotel – which is a flagship property of Cresta Marakanelo Limitedopened the 60-room South Wing, adding to the existing North Wing and bringing the total room inventory to 124 rooms.


The South Wing features two presidential suites, two executive suites, and a paraplegic-friendly room, all equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to meet the evolving needs of the modern day traveller.


COVID in the background 


Said the Managing Director of Cresta Marakanelo, Mokwena Morulane, at the opening ceremony in Mahalapye: “With this capacity, it is our humble belief that the opening of this new wing will prove to be a notable contribution to the development of the hospitality industry in Botswana.

“This journey started some 22 months ago and it gives us immense pride that this was taking place on the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic which had completely obliterated the travel and hospitality sector.”

Also speaking at the occasion, the developer of the property, Kandaswamy Saiganesh, noted how Cresta Mahalapye has been a central location for conferences, weddings and social gatherings over the past ten years.


A necessary response


The business expansion, he added, was a necessary response to cater for the local and international market that frequents Mahalapye.


“The construction brought significant opportunities to the Mahalapye community and employment opportunities for hundreds of citizens,” Saiganesh said. “I believe that this is the only hotel in Botswana that boasts cutting-edge technology that is seamlessly integrated into every facet of its design.”


For his part, the Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Aubrey Lesaso, commended Cresta Marakanelo for its contribution to Botswana’s economic development.


“Cresta Marakanelo has over 970 employees across its hotels, 99% of whom are citizens of Botswana and are trained in various skills and expertise critical to the hospitality industry of the now and that of the future.”


Beacon of modernity 


With its cutting-edge technology, the South Wing stands as a beacon of modernity and innovation. From the moment guests step through the aesthetically pleasant lounge, they are greeted by a sophisticated technological experience.


These include smart sensors and automated systems to enhance security measures, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment. Inside the rooms, the integration of state-of-the-art amenities and digital features takes guest experiences to unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience.


There are high-definition smart TVs, smart lighting systems while automated climate control provides personalised and effortless control at the fingertips of the guests.


Seamless presentations 


The conference rooms of the South Wing are equipped with the latest in audiovisual technology, offering a sophisticated platform for seamless presentations and virtual collaborations.


The commitment to technological excellence reflects Cresta Mahalapye’s dedication to providing a stay that goes beyond expectations, setting a new standard for hospitality in the region.