• Fashion designer kept to modest but classy look for World Queen
  • Molefe was decked out in baby pink corset mermaid Delayna Scott gown
    for final walk as Miss Botswana


Well known for creating stunning and high-class end designs, local fashion designer Delayna Scott was recently assigned to deliver a gown fit for Miss World, Karolina Baelawska.

Scott was contacted by the Miss Botswana team to design gowns for Miss World and former Miss Botswana Palesa Molefe for the Miss Botswana coronation night.
An elated Scott told Time Out: “Miss World got to keep the dress, which was custom-made for her. Her measurements were sent to me and she was extremely excited about the gown and the selection of colour.”


Design concept
International celebrities and beauty queens normally make use of their personal designers when they are on official duties in other countries but the Polish queen donned a gold body-hugging Delayna Scott gown for the Miss Botswana grand finale.

Without a brief, Scott was tasked with creating a beautiful and daring design fit for the queen and she did, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion, or haute monde.

“I went on the Miss World page to do a little research on the kind of dresses she’s worn and colours so I don’t repeat the same neckline and colour,” Scott explained.

“I didn’t see any gold dresses on her page or a halter neck, and that’s how I came up with that design for her. I didn’t want to do anything too revealing because I wasn’t sure of the restrictions in terms of wardrobe for Miss World. So I decided to create something that’s modest yet classy, keeping in mind what I’d seen on her page.”


Dress fit for a queen
Since former Miss Botswana Palesa returned from the Miss World finale in Puerto Rico, Scott was roped in for the queen’s wardrobe. The magic of her hands had had an effect on Molefe who was always spotting a daring look that Batswana gave the nod to.

Scott revealed that Palesa prefers nude and earthy tones on her designs. However, for the crowing night, Scott experimented with a baby pink gown that flattered the former queen and turned heads.


“When it comes to designs, there is nothing in particular that inspired me,” she told Time Out. “I just come up with something randomly, and when the thought comes, I put it on paper and the rest is history.”

“Baby pink is a colour that Palesa hasn’t worn and so I felt she would stand out, hence the choice of the colour. In terms of design, corsetry is one of the techniques that flappers her body, so I decided to create a corset mermaid gown.”


Dressing stars
Scott complements the modern and audacious women through the use of luscious fabrics and intricate details, merging traditional craftsmanship with modern designs. The renowned fashion designer has dressed many prominent figures from all walks of life.
When she went to showcase at the Cannes film festival in France in 2019, two of France’s well-known actresses wore her outfits on the red carpet, Sylvia Pouget for the premiere of her movie as lead actress in “Le Fruit de L’espoir” and Eloise Valli for her red-carpet appearance.


“I have dressed quite a number of beauty queens in and out of Botswana, including media personalities and influencers,” Scott said.

Asked if she would continue to work with Miss Botswana in the wardrobe department, Scott said it will depend on if a budget is allocated for the new beauty queen.

“With Palesa, there was no payment involved because I fully sponsored her,” she said. “Unfortunately, I am unable to fully sponsor another queen so soon because the luxury fabrics I use are quite pricey.”