Departure of COSBOTS bosses celebrated

  • “I was vindicated people thought I was crazy when I said COSBOTS was not run properly”- Seabelo Modibe
  • “The rot has been dealt with”- PP
  • Artists say they are “relieved” and hope for change


The departure of Copyright Society of Botswana (COSBOTS) Chairperson Solomon ‘Solo B’ Monyame and CEO Thato Mokobi has been welcomed by some in the music industry who say it signifies the potential end of maladministration at the organization.
Former Chairperson Monyame resigned in March, while CEO Thato Mokobi confirmed to The Botswana Gazette that he will not seek to return to his post after his contract expires end of June.
Veteran promoter and one of the earliest members Seabelo Modibe who has always complained about how COSBOTS is run, said these departures give the organization a chance to start afresh with an honest leadership which is not self-serving.
“I was vindicated, people thought I was crazy when I said COSBOTS was not run properly. I wrote letters to try and warn everyone but I was dismissed and told I had no proof. Today artists are owed thousands of Pulas at the expense of self-serving leaders,” he said.
Gilbert ‘PP’ Seagile, another veteran promoter, could not hide his excitement saying the departures will be prove to be the uprooting of the rot at COSBOTS. “We are only sad that they left artists in poverty and we would want them to pay back all the money,” he said.
The latest development is that the Ministry of Youth wants to adopt COSBOTS from the Ministry of trade and Seagile said he fully supported the motion. “I would also like CIPA to be investigated because reports have been made about COSBOTS and there was no action taken,” he added.
Some artists, who spoke to Time Out on condition of anonymity said they were relieved following the departure of Monyame and Mokobi but said this changes nothing as they are still owed thousands of pulas.  “We are waiting for the AGM with baited breaths and we will make sure we elect responsible individuals who will change the situation. We just hope history will not repeat itself because, Motho Ga Itsewe Ese Naga, (You can’t know a person well enough like your back” said one.
Asked if there was anyone he preferred for leadership positions at the July 22 COSBOTS Annual General Meeting (AGM), Modibe said he only wants honest leadership: “I am personally not aiming for any position, unless if artists want me to. All I care about right now is to rebuild the industry and continue with the mandate of empowering the entire creative industry not individuals,” he pointed out, explaining that there is a need to rebuild the organization.
He, however, revealed that he was only able to re-register for COSBOTS membership two weeks ago after being previously blocked from doing so. “Imagine the money I have lost all these years because they denied my membership. They kept me out because they knew that I would want answers. They cannot even give a reason why DBS is failing to pay royalties and we plan to fix this relationship,” he said, revealing that he was receiving countless calls from local artists who are happy that COSBOTS leaders left.