Loungo resigns from Yarona FM

Denies allegations of going to Motsweding FM


Presenter of Btv’s Flava Dome Loungo Pitse has resigned from the privately-owned radio station Yarona FM.
In an interview with Time Out, Pitse confirmed his resignation but declined to share further details. The radio personality also dabbles in MCing, and lately seems to be every event organizer’s favourite. There are rumours ‘bubbling under’ that the talented chatterbox will be joining South Africa’s Motsweding FM, the country’s national broadcaster which targets a Setswana speaking audience. The radio station is known to enjoy more listenership in Botswana than some local radio stations.
“This is definitely not true that I will be going to work for Motsweding FM but it’s just the rumours and I’m really sorry I’m not ready for this interview,” declared Pitse.
Pitse was recently the subject of a barbed attack which was later difussed by MC Maswe, a controversial entertainment personality who was decrying how artists based in the north of the country were neglected and other such issues.