Doing it for the food culture


From the social media platforms to the streets of Gabs, the food culture of the capital has evolved. You may be traversing your timeline and notice that everyone is now cooking, especially since the advent of COVID-19 where lockdowns forced most of us to become creative with our time.

Many young Batswana have now taken the food culture an extra mile, cooking from their own homes and making a decent buck out of it, again thanks to social media for changing the way we eat and what we eat. Social media has given us a new medium for interaction where posting what we eat is now considered normal. And this enables recommendations to play a greater role while appreciating eating decisions.

Says food activist, Banyana John: “We are seeing the evolution of food inspired by many cultures in the city, and this is all because of social media. The young, upwardly mobile Motswana who is busy and does not have time to cook a decent meal is attracted to these specialties for several reasons, top being health and affordability. If you notice, these meals are quick, healthy and friendly on the pocket. Batswana have really taken to that.”

Otsile’s Fusion Quesadillas
A quesadilla is a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla that is filled primarily with cheese and sometimes meats and spices, and then cooked on a griddle. Otsile’s tasty treat has been receiving a lot of rave reviews on BW Twitter for about two months now, with many queuing up for the filling snack.

“I wouldn’t call it my signature dish as I am still trying new things,” he says. “But having worked in the hospitality industry for many years gave me the inspiration to go down this route. So far the public is happy about what I have introduced to the street food market.”

After operating in a small, makeshift stall at Block 9, Otsile says the plan is to ultimately operate a restaurant. He currently markets his fusion quesadillas on Twitter @Rotsile.

Musa’s The Champion
Musa Mhlasi the “experimental foodie and self-taught chef” is a private chef who has blazed through the local culinary space, serving both corporate and private clients. He is big on Italian and Asian inspired flavours. Styled “The Champion,” Musa’s signature dish is a BBQ surf and turf meal that has a tomahawk steak, pork ribs, bacon-wrapped chicken lollipops, tiger prawns, wors and calamari served with some Mac N’ Cheese and chilli corn carne.
“This meal was designed when I was challenged for the Twitter Cook-Off, which I won,” he explains. “The public has taken kindly to it, seeing as it is a bit pricey but it is sold out every Sunday without fail.”

According to the chef, the menus will keep evolving, depending on trends and seasons. “We are currently looking for a home so we can serve daily and throughout the day and reach more people,” says the foodie who can be found across all social media platforms.

Other young Batswana whose tasty treats have garnered support through social media include the famous corndogs of a young caterer @fifimerafhe that are selling like hotcakes from her food truck at the UB food space, tacos by @gosegoselemaand all to be washed down with a refreshing gemere (ginger) Ma’1one Ginger Sip by @nkagi, among many others.