Duma Boko wins Cookoff Challenge

  • “This is more of an art,” he quipped in a zany caption
  • Political banter added more spice to the cookoff on the day


Last Sunday, the president of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko, switched his advocate’s gown for an apron, proving that he is also a gladiator in the kitchen.

Duma was battling it out in the Cookoff Botswana Challenge with the MP for Mahalapye East, Yandani Boko, who lost the competition to his older cousin by 46.6 percent of online votes.

Botswana Twitter streets were abuzz with excitement from the hugely popular cooking challenge that has turned lazy Sundays into a virtual get together.

Duma and Yandani, as leaders who continue to inspire many, were challenged to give tasty submissions in partnership with Food Botswana under the apt theme “Against the Grain.”

Duma set a new benchmark with 53.4 percent of votes, cementing that his suitably styled food caption, “This is more of an art,” and the star of the show.

Perhaps his winning strategy was in mastering the art of plating technique. When it comes to conceptualising plating as an art form, the chef is the artist, the plate is the canvas while the food is the medium.

Duma’s plate was aesthetically pleasing with its structural integrity and flavour dispersion, which are winning qua lities in food presentation.

“In support of children and young people who lost their parents to COVID-19, I plead with the nation to please share a meal with them,” Duma posted on his Twitter. “The Cookoff will be my way of supporting this initiative going forward. Together we can. To support, hashtag #shareamealbw.”

The Cookoff is not only a virtual cooking contest but is also a platform for people to come together and engage in playful banter while supporting their favourite ‘chef’ of the day.
With food and politics being hot and plentiful last Sunday, people did not shy away from sharing their opinions about both. Between the online engagements, the MP for Palapye, Oneetse Ramogapi, kept throwing in light jabs, challenging Vice President Slumber Tsogwane to go into the ring in the next cookoff challenge.

Meanwhile, Yandani would not accept the results of the challenge after stirring up quite delectable championship flavours for his plate.

Duma signed out of the Sunday food competition with a promise. “When UDC ascends to power, no one will be arrested for banter. We will be too busy to arrest people for having a sense of humour. I have been thoroughly entertained,” he said.