Elevam, Here to Revolutionize the Industry?

Isaac Makwala, Rea Kopi among others signed to the management firm


Elevated Ambition Management firm (Elevam) owned by local entrepreneurs Thobo Kerekang and Frank Oteng is the latest addition to the entertainment and sports scenes set to revolutionize both industries.
The firm is the first of its kind in Botswana and is aimed at bridging the gap between entertainment, sports and businesses as it caters to the needs of creatives as well as commercializing their craft.
Co-owner of Elevam, Oteng believes their service is here to change the game as they create a value chain by commercializing every aspect of their art including bookings, branding, endorsement and administration.  “Because there is no firm which provides these services locally its high time our stars start getting that deserving treatment. There is a need,” he said, adding that they also offer legal services.
Elevam, which was introduced to the industry this year, has already signed up local stars including Isaac Makwala, Rea Kopi, Frost the rapper, Cassper the DJ and they are still to sign more on a 12-month contract. Oteng says the benefits of being signed under their management company helps one to grow their brand, bridge their art with the corporate world as well as giving them a global star treatment that other stars if foreign countries get to enjoy.
“For the first year we are planning on signing stars and growing their brand, from there we would be opening up a platform where they could sign up but this time around there would be certain requirements for one to be part of the firm,” Oteng pointed out.
Elevam came at time when industry key players have been urged to take their work seriously by the music union as well as author of Seipone sa Modiragatsi, Thatayaone Namane who provoked artists to make a self-introspection and work as a team in their businesses.