“My New Sound Works Just Fine”- Vee Mampeezy

  •  “My old sound never earned me an award”
  • Questions about quality arise after Khubama Re Itshebe release
  • “Vee needs to go back to the crossroads”-fans


Vee Mampeezy is pushing back criticism against his new project, after questions and doubts emerged about the quality of his newly released single Khubama Re Itshebe.
While his fans and critics are engaged in debates about whether Vee’s new sound is a better than his orginal Taku Taku sound, he says he will never go back to the old sound as his new sound is working and winning him awards.
“People need to understand that times are changing and we need to evolve with them, how long have I been doing my old sound? For many years and I have never won an award. This new sound has earned me a Metro FM award and it shows I am on the right track,” he told Time Out.
Criticism about the quality of the new song seemed to get the better of Vee on social media when a fan suggested that his new single was not mastered. Vee who lashed out at the fan asking him what he knew about mastering when he does not have an album to his name- says he regrets lashing out but insists on defending his new musical direction. “I needed to speak out. Mastering is a technical term understood by musicians. My song is mastered. We mastered the song in London for utmost quality but I shouldn’t have answered (the fan),” he said.
Vee says the best affirmation for his work can be found in festivals and events and not social media. “Real love is out at the festivals, people singing along and not on social media. It is also about selling the country, it’s no longer just about Vee. I can never take that for granted, I have a story to tell because this new sound has a BW sound if you listen carefully,” he said.
Khubama Re Itshebe addresses the issue of high divorce rates and relationship breakups. “I am basically saying people should personalize their relationships, discuss issues among themselves and God because too many people interfering in couple’s issues cause breakups,” he said, adding that the new single is “selling like hot cakes in South Africa.”
Vee will, for the first time in three years, shoot the video for the song locally and not in South Africa as had become his new norm. “Universal Music emphasized that the song be wholly produced by Motswana, BK Proctor and Amo Beatz. Botswana directors Scooby and Legodile Lekky will be working hand in hand with the multi award winning South African director Nicky Campos,” he said.