Folk hit song “Go ka Tweng?” in an Afrobeat rendition


Music lovers are raving about Esra Neethings’ newly released song, “Go ka Tweng?” that was officially dropped on 1st July, Sir Seretse Khama Day.
The song pays homage to the late female folklore artist Gaotwesepe Robalang’s famous classic, “Ba Kgomogi,” that is better-known as “Go ka Tweng?” that was recorded around 1968-69, which was an uneasy time in the affairs of BaNgwato.
Said the Danko hit maker: “Fifty-five years later, it still has the impact to factor. I wanted to appreciate those who did it before us and to give back by re-polishing that gold.

“As July 1st is one of the most important days in our country’s history, it is also important to remember those who were part of that history. This is my gift to music lovers and every artist who has done it before us. It is important to look back to remember and reflect where we came from and we are going as a people.”
Esra Neethings has kept most of the lyrics of the controversial classic but gives it an Afrobeat rendition and showcases his vocal prowess. He has released the official audio of the song on Youtube but it will be available on other online platforms in due course.
Gaotwesepe Robalang of Mmashoro
When it comes to folk music, great legends have come and gone but Gaotwesepe Robalang of Mmashoro in the Central District has been one of the most prominent and memorable.
Described as a great vocalist by many Robalang is best known for the song “Go Ka Tweng?” in which she accused BaNgwato regent Tshekedi Khama of dumping his people in some desolate place.
Another of her appealing songs is “Kibi Mokoko” in which she boasts of having raised a fattened chicken.