First ever Holi One colour festival billed for Gaborone


Organizer of Holi One Colour Festival organizer Obakeng Zuku says the colour festival, which is Botswana’s first, will take place in Gaborone on dates and lineup that will soon be revealed.
The festival which originates from India was added to the events calendar of the city to be part of the festivities of the country’s 50th celebrations.
“This is the inception of such a concept in Botswana. The festival is intended to be a day full of entertainment where attendees participate in the fun activities including color powder throw, local and international music performances,” Zuku said.
He also said with Botswana celebrating 50 years of independence this year, the event forms as part of the celebrations that Batswana will get to enjoy.“The Holi One colour festival intends to be part of these celebrations. It’s a unique concept that aims to seamlessly fuse an international atmosphere and local arts and culture less than one roof to celebrate the incredible achievement.”
The festival also aims to promote a multicultural theme presenting an ideal setup for a ‘Motswana wa sekei’’ to effortlessly socialize with people from other cultures. “It is festival that not only wishes to celebrate 50 years of independence but celebrate the cordial relationship between local and international community,” said Zuka who also promised that the  festival will not disappoint.
The Holi festival of colour is an ancient Hindu festival celebrating of springtime, love and colour. It has recently spread from its origins in India and Nepal to parts of Europe as a non religious day to reflect equality and togetherness. Amongst a cheerful atmosphere of song and dance, participants play, chase and colour each other with bright, dry powders. Dressed in white, participants are given coloured powder creating a mass of colour, happiness, unity and equality.