Foodies Botswana: the recipe for staying food- Savvy under Lockdown

Yommy is even talking about ‘Quarantine coffee’ and more delectable comestibles

With eating courts closed and supermarket trips becoming less frequent, people are getting creative in their home kitchens to spice up their lockdown lives. From recipes, tips and tutorials to sumptuous snaps of food, the Facebook page of Foodies Botswana is serving dishes that are being drooled over by many. Foodies Botswana, owned by the Yommy brand, is a hit on Facebook where it is consistently gaining likes, shares and new followers with timely and engaging content.

“Since the lockdown, people now have more time to experiment with food and showcase their cooking skills. Foodies Botswana gives these people the platform to showcase their food while sharing tips and recipes. Others in the group are free to recreate the same meal or add their special twist,” said Kenneth Middleton of Yommy in an interview.

The page was created 11 months ago but Middleton says there has been a surge in activity since the lockdown. The page adds about 400 new members every day while the sumptuous snaps of food have earned Foodies Botswana a whopping 26 610 members and counting. Foodies Botswana was inspired by Middleton’s passion for food while motivating chefs and home cooks to cook and help others to recreate the shared recipes.

“We have created a culture where everyone is working towards improving their food presentation,” Middleton explains. “This includes plating techniques. In the future, I Would like to see local food companies creating engagements on the platform to promote local brands. There are certain products that are locally produced that we are unaware of that we would like to know about and consume.”

Indeed social media can make the simplest of things look so interesting that everyone would want to try them out, releasing a chain of reactions. Dalgona Coffee has now gained a distinction as ‘Quarantine Coffee’ because it became a world- wide phenomenon on all foodies’ platforms, including Foodies Botswana. So many people have recreated the Korean coffee drink because it is aesthetically pleasing and gives that coffee shop feel right at home. Many people have also been sharing their attempts at baking banana bread, which they shared on the food platform.

“When it comes to food, I do not have a personal favourite or a go to meal,” says Middleton. “I always want to try other food recipes from across the world. People are currently just sharing what they prepared using ingredients in their kitchens on the food platform and there isn’t a meal that is currently trending. By the end of the lockdown we still hope to see the same or increased engagements on the food platform,” he said.