Gin’s Pula Edition Pays Homage to Botswana

After much debate around whether to keep it short or have a tongue-twisting conversation starter, Latin for kudu won because the maker of the gin venerates tholo as his totem and misses not the big antelope’s relationship with both the desert and the bush. GOSEGO MOTSUMI knows.

In great honour of Botswana, Kgalagadi-inspired craft gin Tragelaphus released a limited single batch of their gin called Pula Edition recently.
Spotting the blue German print design on the bottle, the Tragelaphus, or Trag gin, takes a bold and rewarding twist to manufacturing, creating a unique smooth taste as a result of the cold vacuum distillation process. Secondly, it stays true to the Kgalagadi theme, using camel thorn wood in the infusion, bucking the trend of floral infusions.

Said Boikanyo Mothibatsela, owner of the local gin: “The Pula Edition has the same base but played around now with not just the camel thorn wood (mokala) but some French oak as well. The inspiration was to brand the product with more focus on marketing home. These limited bottles pay homage, from the diaspora to Botswana, where every gathering and special occasion is blessed with a call for rain and prosperity in the unifying cry of ‘Pula!’”

The name “Tragelaphus” was actually a debate around whether to keep it short or have a tongue twisting conversation starter. Tragelaphus is the Latin name for a kudu or tholo, which is Mothibatsela’s totem as a MoRolong. The name not only signifies his heritage but encapsulates the essence of the brand which communicates beauty, elegance and is intrinsically tied to the desert and the bush.

The gin has garnered rave reviews, being constantly featured at various gin festivals in Botswana and across borders. Even though the reviews have been great, Mothibatsela, whose interest in gin evolved from years of enjoying refreshing drinks of gin and tonic and observing the global growth of innovative and unique craft beverages, says his focus is on building the brand and the current product. The gin can be best paired with smoked fish, salmon or Chobe bream. The second pairing can be with cured meats, a simple platter of chorizo, salami, pork, tongue and prosciutto.
“Email for your order, the Pula Edition is available in Botswana with deliveries in Gaborone from 21 October 2019,” he added.