Han C Makes Turning 30 Cool 

  • Returns with “Ya Ma-94,” another of his creative concepts


Serial award-winning artist, Hanceford “Han C” Magapatona, has hit the ground running in the new year with a brand new music event.

Styled “Ya Ma-94,” which loosely translates to “For those Born in 1994,” the event is slated for 30 March 2024. It will be the pop star’s second event of such a magnitude after his successful “Mahalapye Spring Fest” last year.

Han C told Time Out in an interview: “The plan has always been to have my own shows four times in a year. We started with ‘Mahalapye Spring Fest’ last year and will have about two shows this year.

Turning 30 is cool

“We are taking baby steps. ‘Ya Ma-94’ is my second show and it’s a celebration for those turning 30 this year, myself included.”

According to the “Pepetletsa” hitmaker, the idea is to break stereotypes attached to ageing with his upcoming show because he reckons turning 30 can be a source of considerable anxiety for most people undergoing the transition from the youthful and carefree 20s to the more ‘adult’ 30s, even for the most confident individuals.

“Some people see it as the end of their glory days while others start thinking about life’s expectations and childhood dreams that never quite came to fruition. We want to highlight that turning 30 is the beginning of greater things to come.

“I decided to make turning this age look cool as I have personally embraced it. With the kind of influence I have, why not have my contemporaries become proud of their new age? Recognising this crisis can be the first step to making the start of your third decade a lot less stressful and realising you are where you need to be.”

Not exclusive to Ma-94

Since the announcement of the event, which inspite of the name will not be exclusive to those of the stated age, Han C said there is much hype because people have warmed up to the idea and raving about it on social media.

“We want to have a positive impact on people,” he said. “We are going to have workshops on mental health, financial literacy and other important issues.

“I would have preferred to have artists born in 1994 on the lineup but there aren’t many of us. The lineup is going to have artists that are loved by everyone to make the night memorable.”