HB Antwerp Teams up with BTO and Suspicious Antwerp

Collaboration ropes in local talent that tells the Botswana story in their own creative way


The collaboration between HB Antwerp, Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) and renowned international clothing brand Suspicious Antwerp promises to promote tourism in Botswana, foster talent all while celebrating the essence of the country’s rich culture.
At the heart of this collaboration is the shared vision of unleashing the transformative power of the “Butterfly Effect,” which is a concept that underscores the belief that every action can have significant and far-reaching impacts.
In this context, it aligns with the commitment of HB Antwerp and its partners to creative excellence and cultural exchange.
Gen Z and millennials
“An initial poll among the Gen Z and millennials in Europe and America illuminated the potential of Botswana as a captivating destination,” said Communications Director of HB Antwerp Botswana, Omogolo Mathumo, in an interview.
“Many were enamoured with its offerings but were unaware of its identity. Our collaboration is a step toward bridging that awareness gap, and what better way than collaborating with Batswana creatives to tell their Botswana story in their own unique creative way!”
Local creatives Dato Seiko and Uua Murangi were roped into the project alongside their international counterparts to express themselves and contribute to a vibrant tapestry of creativity.
The Botswana Collection
The creatives were tasked with promoting Botswana to a younger demographic, amplifying the project locally and infusing the vibrant essence of Botswana into every message while
showcasing the awe inspiring “Botswana Collection” crafted with the creative minds at Suspicious Antwerp.
Said the project’s manager at HB Antwerp, David Agwazi: “Collaborating with the talented Uua and Dato Seiko was invigorating. Together we highlighted the Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Pans, epitomising Botswana’s majestic landscapes and wildlife.
“Their widespread admiration in Botswana embodies the remarkable potential of the country’s young talent. We selected Uua and Dato Seiko because they align with HB’s DNA. Like us they are disruptors, innovators and multitalented individuals who defy conventions.”
Aligned missions
Mathumo added that their mission aligns seamlessly with the objectives of BTO and their fellow partners as they all aim to foster a meaningful connection with the community and extend their contribution beyond mineral transformation.
“Through the prism of the butterfly effect, we accentuate our single-source provenance,” he said. “Boosting awareness about Botswana amplifies our cause. By showcasing Botswana’s prodigious young talent, we aspire to broadcast its potential to the world.