Highly Spiritual Dance “Izilo” Takes Centre Stage at Maitisong 

  • As the music began to play, Mantsoe’s movements transported both himself and the audience on a journey of spiritual awakening


In a dimly lit Maitisong Theatre at Maru-A-Pula School, anticipation hung heavy in the air as the audience awaited the commencement of a highly spiritual dance performance called “Izilo” by choreographer and dancer, Vincent Mantsoe.


The stage was set and the spotlight illuminated a solitary figure, Mantsoe’s, poised in the center. As the music began to play, the Paris-based South African-born choreographer, dancer and teacher’s movements transported both himself and the audience on a journey of spiritual awakening.


“‘Izilo’ is my one-hour long solo performance. It tells the gripping story of a man navigating survival after losing his dignity,” he told Time Out.


Exploration of the soul


From the first step, it was evident that the performance was not just a display of physical prowess but a profound exploration of the soul.


Mantsoe’s body became a vessel for divine expression as he moved with grace and fluidity, each motion imbued with meaning and intention. As the performance progressed, the dancer entered into a state of trance, allowing himself to be guided by forces beyond the physical realm.


His movements became more fervent, more intense, as if he was channeling energies from another world. The audience was spellbound, drawn into the transcendent experience unfolding before them.


Almost otherworldly


As the performance reached its climax, the dancer’s movements reached a crescendo, reaching heights of ecstasy that seem almost otherworldly. It was a moment of pure transcendence where the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual dissolve, and all that remains is the beauty of the present moment.


As the final notes of music faded away, the audience was left breathless, profoundly moved by the experience they had just witnessed.


Prior to Mantsoe’s solo performance, nine local dancers, namely Andrew Kola, Kalima Mipata, Naomi Walsh, Karabo Mpai, Majadi Motingwa, Prince Tshikare, Lesego Molefi, Goitseone Kgaswane, and Kealeboga Dilelo had presented the Koba Creative dance process choreographed by Mantsoe.


Precision footwork


Over a two-week period, participants had a chance to delve deep into the fundamentals of the dance technique, exploring everything from precision footwork to expressive storytelling through movement. The dancers delivered each piece with precision, leaving an indelible impression on all who bore witness to its beauty.

The live event was hosted by Alliance Francaise of Gaborone in partnership with Maitisong Theatre and Vincent Mantsoe.