iZaura Designs Powerful and Fashion in “Kganya” Gown 

  • Styled “Khanya” for the Light of God, the gravid gown fetched P5K at Masiela fundraising gala dinner


Creative extraordinaire and fashion designer Mothusi Lesolle of iZaura has made an outstanding gown that was donated and auctioned at the Masiela Trust Fundraising gala dinner in Gaborone last week.

Styled “Kganya” for “Light of God” in English, the gown is considered a special dedication to every child in the world who is in difficult circumstances of social inequity and injustice. It fetched the highest bid of P5,000 on the night.

“No human being, especially children, should ever have to endure this kind of treatment,” Lesolle said in his artist statement.

“No child in Botswana should be deprived from their right to identity, education, freedom and love. From your own corner, beam the Light of God, Kganya, and pave way for a brighter future for our children.




The gown was designed for a woman or women who are committed to making a positive impact with their fashion choices. Its story flows from the abstract colours on the bodice of the dress, which are a symbol of chaos and turbulence.

However, it leaves the territory of terror and turns into clear material that spreads at the bottom to symbolise the hope and light that all the children deserve as leaders of tomorrow.

Said Lesolle: “It’s a story I have had in my head – the abstract part at the top talks about the turmoil, the turbulence, and the confusion that some children go through.


“At the bottom, it transcends into light to depict hope being restored and given to such children by those who care, which should be all of us.”


More Fundraising 


Proceeds made from auctioning the gown went towards Masiela Trust Fund to aid the charitable organisation in some of its initiatives for the betterment of children in unfortunate circumstances.


Because the aim is to raise as much money as possible through the gown, it will be displayed at the upcoming Miss RADP contest at Boipuso Hall for the purpose.


“I will be honoured to see the power and impact that fashion has in making a change,” said Lesolle.