Botho University Chamber Dinner: Fostering Industry-Academia Collaboration and Technological Innovation 

On the evening of 3rd November 2023, Botho University played host to the Lesotho Chamber Dinner Invite. The event brought together industry leaders, key stakeholders and esteemed guests for an evening of networking, insightful discussions, and celebration of the growing partnership between academia and the business community.

The occasion was graced by prominent figures, each emphasising the importance of collaboration, employability and technology in today’s educational landscape.

Mr Jay Ramesh, Chairperson of the Botho University Board, warmly welcomed the attendees, setting the tone for the evening. He articulated the primary objective of the gathering when he stated: “This evening is to network and make sure we get value from the dinner.”

A conducive environment for learning 

Mr Ramesh expressed his delight in construction on the new Botho University campus in Lesotho, underlining the university’s commitment to enhancing its infrastructure and providing a conducive environment for learning.

Mrs Aravinda Ram, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor for Employability & Technology, emphasised the pivotal role of employers in shaping the future workforce. She encouraged employers to collaborate with Botho University, stating that the institution is currently able to provide two to three employment opportunities a day in Botswana and aspires to offer the same opportunities to its Lesotho graduates.

Mrs Ram praised the students at the Lesotho Campus for their proactive engagement with virtual internships offered by Botho University, highlighting how such opportunities have already led to virtual employment for some students.

Equal opportunities

The president of Business Botswana, Mr Neo Ngwako lauded the innovative approaches embraced by Botho University, particularly utilisation of virtual employment. He stressed the importance of equal opportunities by stating: “As Business Botswana, we really value the concept of giving everyone an equal opportunity.”

Mr Ngwako expressed a strong commitment to strengthening the private sector through innovation and technology. This, he said, would create a harmonious alignment between academia and industry, ultimately bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The Botho University Chamber Dinner served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration between academia and industry, highlighting the essential role of technology, innovation and employability in education.

Dynamic demands

The event underscored the commitment of the prestigious educational institution to fostering an environment where students do not only get educated but are prepared for the dynamic demands of the workforce.

As Botho University continues to expand and innovate, it is poised to make a significant impact on the educational landscape in Lesotho and the southern African region, ultimately contributing to the development of a skilled, adaptable and forward-thinking workforce.