KhoiSan clinches Two Big Deals

  • Bags distribution deal with Electromode Ingrooves
  • Signs royalty collection contract with Sheer Publishing Africa
  • Duo to release ‘Kamaku’ album in October


KhoiSan duo, Oratile Kofa and Thabang Rasefako, inked a deal with international distribution company, Electromode Ingrooves Music Group Africa, last week, Time Out has established.

Signed under Roc Lefatshe Records, the musical duo will be releasing music on all digital platforms with an international distributor with offices all over the world henceforward.
“This is a three-year distribution deal,” Executive Producer at Roc Lefatshe Records, Suffocate, told Time Out. “Whilst remaining independent, they will have a highly experienced team behind them making sure every release gets the maximum coverage it deserves.”


Electromode Ingrooves’ offering
Electromode Ingrooves is a leading and established aggregator with over seven years’ experience dealing directly with iTunes. Having been granted Direct Live Status for excellence in content delivery, the company ensures fast and efficient service of artist’s content made available for purchase within 48 hours of upload.

In addition to iTunes and Apple Music, Electromode Ingrooves supplies content to Google Play, Shazam, Amazon, Spotify, Beatport, Deezer, and many others of the world’s top download and streaming sites.

Said Suffocate: “KhoiSan’s music has so much to offer to so many territories out of Botswana and is currently unavailable on most platforms with limited exposure beyond Botswana’s borders.”

“The drive is to get the songs on major international playlists, radio and TV, as well as features with major acts in new territories.”

Sheer Publishing Africa
KhoiSan have added another achievement to their success by bagging a deal with Sheer Publishing Africa. Sheer Publishing is a legendary company that signed the likes of Brenda Fassie and will ensure that KhoiSan’s royalties are collected from users across the world.
“This deal will also ensure that all the splits between producers, artists and composers are done right,” Suffocate noted. “Both these deals are a big deal for us and we are excited about our future in music.”


New Music Alert
KhoiSan continues to hit all the right notes and their hard work should pay off with the release of their new single taken from their album titled “Kamaku” in October.
Kofa and Rasefako have been working tirelessly to release singles that are currently dominating local airwaves.