Local fashion artists spotted at SA Fashion Week


Local fashion power house duo, GaTsh Fros, fashion house Eccentric Style Loft, radio personality Ratie Kefitlhile were this past weekend spotted at the South Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg courtesy of Masa Square Hotel.
The hotel’s sponsorship comes as part of the MSH Fashion Mentorship Program and the upcoming Masa Fashion Show billed for October 21st 2017.
“Our intention is to further promote Botswana’s creative industries to an extensive African market and to inspire our mentors to in return further mould their mentees as they continue working on their collections, which they will debut at the Masa Fashion Show in October,” said Masa Square Hotel Sales and Marketing Manager, Neo Nkele.
SA Fashion Week showcases over 20 runway shows, launches, installations and social events for designers to mingle with retailers, media, customers and VIP guests. This year’s show will showcase collections from over 50 African grown designers. On the back of this, SA Fashion Week 2017 boasts of a wider directory of well over 100 designers specialising in men’s and women’s wear.
“We trust that this sponsorship is a step forward in building our country’s ever burgeoning creative industry and further creates awareness of Botswana’s fashion industry to a larger audience,’ Nkele said, that they have more activities in the pipeline to keep the mentees on their toes as they prepare their collections.
“We are confident they will be ready, come October, to take centre stage at the Masa Fashion Show 2017 for Botswana and beyond to see their collections. This is about sustainable talent development, and that means pulling out all the stops to make as strong an impact as we possibly can,” she added.