Luhle is Yarona FM’s Latest Midday Radio Host

  • She has a unique mission to make the Kalanga language a trendsetter among her generation


Thandoluhle Boitshwarelo well known as “Luhle” is the latest midday radio host on youthful radio station, Yarona FM and she is bringing a fresh perspective to the airwaves. She recently launched her new radio show called “The Good Life” after successfully completing the Yarona FM training program called “Game Changers” and gaining two years of on-air experience.


“Today’s radio host needs to be relatable, inspirational, well informed and willing to learn or evolve,” she told Time Out.


She distinguishes herself as an entrepreneur, street-smart individual, and well-rounded personality. Her content is aimed at a diverse audience, including game changers, urban dwellers with rural roots, life enthusiasts, and eternal optimists.


Welcome to the Good Life

Luhle’s show, “The Good Life,” airs from 12 to 3 pm on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays). It is designed to provide young adults with insights and knowledge to improve their lives. The show’s inspiration revolves around the exchange of culture in various aspects of life, including language and lifestyle.

Said Luhle: “The response was very impressive during the first week of the show. The audience seem to have received me well on the airwaves in different parts of the country.”

Promoting Kalanga Language

Originally from Ramokgwebana, the 28 year old is on a mission to make the Kalanga language a trendsetter among her generation. She incorporates the Kalanga language into her show and refers to her listeners as “Ngwanamai,” which means “child of my mother” in Kalanga.

This language enthusiasm doesn’t stop at her mother tongue; it extends to all the diverse languages spoken in Botswana, which are highlighted in a dedicated segment of the show called “Subtitles.” In addition to the exciting linguistic exploration, listeners are also enjoying captivating features such as “In Your Area,” “Where Is The Lie,” “Request Chart,” and the ever-popular “KFC Lunch With Your Faves.”


Owen Rampha, the General Manager of the station, acknowledges Luhle’s exceptional work ethic, talent, and unique presenting style. He views her appointment as the show’s host as a logical choice, reflecting the station’s commitment to nurturing fresh broadcasting talent.

He said: “Luhle is another fantastic example of what one can achieve with hard work and dedication. We are proud to see our commitment to unearthing fresh new broadcast talent bear fruit in this way.”