Meet Dato Seiko, one of BW’s best genre fluid vocalists

An upcoming EP should make it to the playlist of this festive season


Katlego Ntirang, best known as Dato Seiko in creative circles, is arguably the most gifted fluid singer/songwriter of her generation who finds inspiration in all types of music genres. Though she is also best known for her film production skills, she is actually a versatile performer with an incredible voice.

“I started singing since my consciousness and haven’t stopped,” she says. “Music has always been a vital part of my life mainly because I come from a musical family. It has always been my way of expressing myself. I was always the child that never talked about emotions, so I used music as a way to communicate how I felt.”

Dato Seiko uses her filming skills acquired from AFDA film school to tell stories through her genre of fluid music that listeners can relate to. The music is mostly inspired by her encounters with different types of people and addresses themes of love, as well as the ups, the downs, and the good and the bad of life. She is currently working on an EP that she hopes will be released this month. A listening session is slated for 10 December at Culture Art’s Café at Molapo Crossing.

“I fell in love with film by default. Growing up, I was always intrigued by visual arts. I loved TV so much. I love the movies and I didn’t understand why. But as time went on, I realised that film is very close to my heart. I gave it a chance because I believe it will help me visualise my songs for the reason that I wanted to tell great visual stories through my music,” says the 24-year-old artist:
Dato Seiko is also an artistic powerhouse with a killer fashion sense on stage who can dazzle on the street but is also much at home on the red carpet. Her style has a common thread of quirky but cool aesthetics.  “I have always been a free spirit,” she coos.

“That’s where my fashion sense comes from. The way I dress is my way of expressing who I am without using words. I am not afraid to explore. It’s a way of me saying ‘I am free and liberated.’ And yes, I am a film major. I did my four years at AFDA Botswana.”

Just last month, Dato Seiko had an opportunity to co-write and sing alongside the crème de la crème of the music industry to produce an anthem for the teenage girls’ movement magazine, Sky Girl, with DJ Kuchi. Reminiscing about the highlight of her career, she mentions performing at the President’s concert twice in a row and performing alongside Mpho Sebina and Thato Jessica in South Africa.

She is hoping that her upcoming EP, which features the two aforementioned sensations, will make it to the festive season’s playlist.