Scores of BDP defectors join UDC – Moswaane

  • The MP claims the credit
  • BDP dismisses the claims


FRANCISTOWN: Over 1 000 members of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) in Francistown West have reportedly resigned from the ruling party and are on their way to the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC).
But the regional office of the BDP is dismissing this, saying it is aware of only three resignations that include the MP for the constituency, Ignatius Moswaane.
The alleged mass exodus is purportedly the work of the MP who himself quit the BDP in a storm of recriminations in August. Moswaane launched a recruitment drive dubbed “Ke Tsamaya le Moswaane” prior to his own arrival at the UDC last week.
The Botswana Gazette has established that altogether the impetus of the cantankerous legislator is credited with 1 211 resignations from the BDP in Francistown West. He says his target is 2 000 defections from the BDP to the UDC by the end of December 2020.
Soon after he resigned, Moswaane spoke of a flurry of defections from the BDP to the UDC. “I can confirm that my recruitment is bearing the desired fruits because during my welcome ceremony, we had only 1 002 resignation letters from BDP members,” he said in an interview. “The number has now grown to 1 211. We received some of the resignation letters during the course of the welcome ceremony.”
“I am happy because among the people who have followed me are elders who supported me from long back during my days at the BDP. This is an indication that more people are fed up with the BDP.”
Reached for comment, the Chairman of the Francistown Region of the BDP, Baemedi Medupi, dismissed claims that Moswaane has recruited over 1 000 BDP members. Medupi said they are only aware of three resignations from Francistown West, which were of Moswaane and two councillors.
“Our members have not resigned in large numbers because we have not received any new resignation letters,” he asserted. “Perhaps Moswaane should show us the resignation letters of those people whom he claims are from the BDP so we are convinced.”