MMP Family On a Mission

Kwaito trio, MMP’s latest offering is a third studio album called MMP On a Mission and is scheduled for release on 5th April 2018. According to the trio, the album contains a beautiful and honest collection of sounds straight from the heart as they are never afraid to write about everything that comes to mind with the aim to address different societal issues. MMP on a Mission came about after the trio observed what was going on around their surroundings and the experience on their music journey. Their optimistic and appreciative outlook on life has managed to create an empowering and uplifting album, full of promise. A saying goes that ‘Cds don’t sell anymore’ but MMP Family believe it is just a myth as they are planning to hit huge sales, failure to do so the trio says MMP on a Mission would be their last project. The album is recorded in different studios (Heart beat sounds, King’s Court, Hi-Note Sounds & Francois) with different producers to attain different sounds. The much-anticipated album is going to be different from the previous ones as it has been given a live feel which appeals to everyone. Followers and supporters of MMP Family should expect a 15-track album of nothing but good music.