New Music from Vee Mampeezy and Universal Music Group

Vee Mampeezy recently revealed that he is working on new music with Universal Music Group. He is currently traveling between Johannesburg and Gaborone to do the final touch ups of the upcoming album which is scheduled for release sometime this year. “We are still in the planning stages, mastering and making the right sound quality. The upcoming album currently has no collaborations but we are not sure if the final product will still have no collaborations. This is Vee’s second album with Universal Music group. He released the album ‘I do’ last year and it has done quite well,” his manager Zaine Aftermath told Time Out. Mampeezy also recently revealed his house in South Africa on social media, much to the delight of his fans. The house is however not new, Mampeezy only decided to publicize it recently.