“Talking About Sex Just as Important as Having it”- Lionheart

  • Lionheart launches a sex positive podcast
  • First topic on sex dolls


UK-based Motswana artist, Lorraine Lionheart has launched an explosive no filter sex positive podcast dubbed TASSO, abbreviation for The African Sex Show Online. The podcast specialises in topics about sex and sexuality in black communities as she recognizes that sex is still a taboo subject among people of colour.
The podcast also aims to bring insight into how sex relates to African spirituality, religion, our culture, history and black consciousness. Lionheart says the world of sex is full of untold truths, assumptions, myths, confusion and frustrations. These affect our lives by causing us to lose an important sense of connectedness with our bodies and our sexuality. “Talking about sex is just as important as having it. Sex in some way or another is something so many people have in common and dropping the stigma about talking openly about it can bring people together,” she says.
“I love sex. It’s that simple. I am passionate about sex education and I have always been the awkward one amongst my friends who talks more openly about sex and often made people uncomfortable. This is nothing new to me, I am just taking something I do on a daily with a small group of people, and sharing it on a larger scale because I feel it is necessary. We are all sex educators,” she added.
The singer also revealed that the first episode of Tasso will be exclusively about sex dolls, something she feels would be a good icebreaker since many Africans are currently talking about it. As an entertainer she says she understands the importance of delivering a message in a fun, liberated way; meaning some of the episodes will be comedic and probably more entertainment than just educational.
“I even have a number of comedians interested in becoming regular contributors to the show. Episodes can be funny, light-hearted and amusing but will always be serious, approached with compassion and thoughtful when the situation calls for it. I believe a fresh and funny look into the deeper and darker questions about sex and sexuality is needed,” she explained.
Furthermore, for each episode the host will interview a great variety of people from all walks of life, including those with religious views on the subjects and those from medical background both traditional, spiritual, herbal and modern. Leading by example, the host shares her own personal experiences, with aim to open a more relaxed lighthearted dialogue and encourage honest conversations on sex, sexuality, relationships and everything in between.
The podcast will not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Tasso Podcast will be available on iTunes and other streaming services such as Spotify and SoundCloud.