Molaya Kgosi pays tribute to Dr Chiepe


Molaya Kgosi Women’s Leadership and Mentorship programme and the UB Young Women’s Leaders Club wrapped up Women’s Month at the UB library Auditorium by hosting the screening of “Molaya Kgosi-Her story”, a documentary on ground breaking educationalist Dr Gaositwe Chiepe.
“We were sharing the story of a formidable woman whose achievements in 22 years as a public servant and 25 years as a minister paved the way for so many other women, including our very own Honourable Minister Bogolo Joy Kenewendo who is also Chairperson and Co-founder of the Molaya Kgosi Trust,” said Coordinator of Molaya Kgosi Women’s Leadership and Mentorship program, Karen Phiri.
“Molaya Kgosi-Her story” documentary series is a collection of in-depth, one-on-one interviews on the experiences of successful Batswana women, with the first installment featuring stories of Dr Chiepe who is a woman of many firsts. Chiepe was both humbled and excited to be part of the first of its kind documentary series in Botswana. Phiri said there was a need to produce more films like these because history has always been written from a male perspective, but women, who are often over looked played a big role in shaping Botswana into what it is today.
“Molaya Kgosi believes that it is important for young Batswana women to know that their dreams are valid. They can break barriers in any sector and know that there are women who have come before us and found success amidst the many challenges and cultural barriers that women faced in the past and continue to face in present day Botswana. The documentary is one of the tools Molaya Kgosi has chosen to bridge the intergenerational gap between formidable and highly successful women and their younger counterparts,” she said.
Additional screenings of the documentary will be held in various tertiary education institutions and other venues across the country for the general public. Information on screenings of the rest of the series which features Dr. Margaret Nasha, Prof. Mogwe and the late Judith Sefhako will be communicated in coming months and shared on the Molaya Kgosi social media platforms.
The project is in partnership with Molaya Kgosi and various sponsors including the Department of Women’s Affairs and The United States Embassy. They also partnered with the Ministry of Education to give the documentary DVD wider distribution in government aided secondary schools across the country.