Samantha Mogwe releases new music

Neo soul songbird Samantha Mogwe has finally resurfaced after what feels like an eternity long hiatus with a new single titled “Secrets” from her upcoming album due this November. Officially released last week, the new single is produced by award winning producer Bk Proctor and published by PACE Entertainment, a stable that Mogwe is signed under.
“This first single really shows my versatility and level of growth. The aim really as a creative is to tell the stories of people, and it seems secrets are things that are experienced by a lot of people. Some secrets being quite painful once they come to light and one is unfortunately forced to deal with them,” she explained the inspirations behind the new song.
Mogwe’s new music brings a fusion of poetry and includes collaborations with Thato Ntshabelethe, a multitalented poet and lyrical genius. Sonically, the album enlists the talents of Thatayaone Mokgathitswane on bass and Bo Nie Keabile on the keys as well as production by Bonolo B-Note Mogotsi, Leroy Nyoni under the creative guidance of Thebe ‘TCM’ Malipiti who is the Executive Producer of Samantha’s sophomore effort.
“My team and I have been working quietly and tweaking a lot, working steadily so that we can have amazing work put out. I can’t divulge who I will be working with just yet in my upcoming album, that’s all a surprise,” she said.
Mogwe’s single will be available on digital platforms this week.