“Mommy Rollercoaster” is the Latest Book to Look Out For

“You are not alone. All mothers ride the same rollercoaster”


In her latest offering titled “Mommy Rollercoster,” author and mother Sekgele Kekgobilwe shares her motherhood experiences with all parents, the real story behind the scenes, in an insightful way.
Kekgobilwe explains that when she walked into motherhood, she expected everything to be butterflies and roses but was faced with new discoveries.
The writer, who is now the mother of an 18-month old babygirl, Yamasa had wanted a child for so long and thought motherhood was all bliss and no stress.
She was not prepared emotionally for the aches and pains, the pregnancy discomforts, the labour pains, post-partum recovery, frustration over a screaming baby, lack of sleep, unending anxiety, judgment, sore breasts and a foggy brain.

Laughter and tears
Says the mother of Yamasa: “Most of the parenting books I had read showed mostly the positive side only. I discovered from first-time experience that the journey is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, fear and hope, excitement and anxiety, panic and joy, depression and optimism, the tears and laughter.”
The new book is her gift to all mothers, new mothers, expecting mothers and every woman who wishes to embark on the journey, to say: “You are not alone. All mothers ride the same rollercoaster.”
Kekgobilwe hopes her readers will find the new book insightful, motivational or at least entertaining. Mommy Rollecoster can be pre ordered on +267 75731439.
Readers can look out for more details at the book launch that is scheduled for 15 July 2023 at a venue to be announced and a book tour around the country.