“My Botswana Plate” to Launch on DStv


DStv subscribers in Botswana and across Africa can look forward to the premiere of a new show styled “My Botswana Plate” on Honey TV, DStv Channel 173.

The cooking entertainment show is hosted by a young Motswana foodie and cook, Rachel Tlagae, who is known as Chef Rachel on the show that will air on 11 February 2023 at 16 30 hrs.


Huge milestone
“One of the commitments we made as a business when we began operating in Botswana was to strive to have content that is local to Botswana,” said MultiChoice Managing Director, Stephanie Pillay.

“The launch of ‘My Botswana Plate’ is a huge milestone for us as through this show we are able to showcase such a beautiful element of the culture of Botswana through the works of one of our own. This will truly open up Botswana to the rest of the continent.”


Continuation of local shows
Pillay added that they previously premiered shows like Date My Family Botswana in 2019 and over the years have worked hard to expand on and do more, not only for DStv Botswana viewers but to also showcase Botswana’s talent across Africa.


Showcasing traditional Setswana meals
Tlagae was selected from other local food influencers, cooks and chefs from Botswana to host the exciting cooking show. With over 13 episodes running for over two months, My Botswana Plate is set to showcase traditional Setswana meals with a new-age twist.
Viewers will get to watch Chef Rachel prepare some of Botswana’s staple meals such as seswaa, bogobe jwa lerotse, diSweets and other exciting dishes.

“It’s such a surreal feeling to be part of something this big not only for me but for Botswana,” said Chef Rachel. “I remain completely grateful and humbled by the opportunity to put my beautiful country on the map with something so simple yet so special to me – the love of food.”


Themed episodes
Each episode of My Botswana Plate is themed according to different significant aspects of Setswana culture and traditions from both the old school and the new school. Viewers get to have a deeper understanding of the culture that Chef Rachel is ecstatic to represent.
“It was fascinating to be able to showcase some of the different cuisines of our local tribes and I’m so excited for the rest of Africa to see how a piece of their culture makes us a truly unique nation,” Chef Rachel enthused.

Honey TV is a pan-African lifestyle channel that is available on DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact packages