Native Foods introduces Mosukujane Ice tea

 Kgodu Ya Lerotse is amongst their fastest moving product


Mosukujane ice tea is the latest addition to Native Foods products.
The founder and managing director of the 100% citizen owned company, Zulu Gokatweng says the ice tea is made from an extract of the Mosukujane (Lippia Javanica) herb which grows naturally in Botswana and other SADC countries.
“Mosukujane is well known for its anti-oxidative properties. Research has shown it is actually four times richer in anti-oxidants than what is currently available in the market. We are producing this tea not just for Botswana. We are eyeing the regional and international markets as well,” said Gokatweng adding that the tea will be available for sale by end of April.
He explained that the idea to commercialize musukujane occurred to him in 2011 while brainstorming for a fundraising activity for a church building. Gokatweng said after being entrusted to head food festival planning with a traditional theme, they served the tea which was well received. He says he has always had the idea to commercialize the product, even though he was reluctant until he started Native Foods last year.
Kgodu Ya Lerotse, their flagship cook-in melon juice for sorghum flavoring is already in the market. They also brew and produce Madila A Setswana using the traditional method to naturally ferment raw milk which used among other things as relish for bogobe (sorghum meal). “Our Kgodu Ya Lerotse is amongst the fastest moving products at Square Mart. In the future, we seek to introduce canned phane, and other canned native meats. Our target audience is anyone who has interest in Botswana cuisine,” Gokatweng explained.
He says they decided to produce Setswana food because they found a niche in the market. “We understand that because of the busy lifestyles that numerous individuals lead in Botswana, there are a lot of people out there who are craving for Botswana Traditional food that they just can’t find the time to look for and prepare themselves,” he said.