UB spent over P250 000 in cases against UBSRC

The university had 14 cases against UBSRC since 2010


Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, Dr. Alfred Madigela told parliament last week that the University of Botswana (UB) has spent over a quarter of a million pula in cases against its Student Representative Council (SRC) since 2010.
“The total cost incurred by UB during their legal battles with the UB SRC or members of the SRC for the past seven years is P289 313 60.” He further stated that from 2010 to the present, a period covering seven years, the university has had a total of 14 legal cases against UBSRC.  Of the fourteen cases, UB won nine cases while UBSRC won five cases.
Specially elected Member of Parliament Mephato Reatile had asked the minister to state the number of cases and nature of offences between UB and the UBSRC or members of the UBSRC for the past seven years and how much it has cost the institution.
Madigela said the nature of the offenses included amongst others, disorderly conduct, attempted rape and sexual harassment which was won by SRC. Cases of disturbance of peace and tranquility and theft (2) were won by UB. In cases of incitement of students to commit violence, malicious damage to property and storming the vice chancellor’s office, disruption of teaching and learning, masterminding illegal demonstrations, breach of conditions of suspension, the UB won three while the SRC won one.
In one of the cases, the students challenged the university’s decision to de-register them following a disciplinary hearing and won.  Another case concerned the infringement of the dignity of a member of the UB community.