News Anchor Tebogo Mokoto Joins “Partly Cloudy & Hot”

“Partly Cloudy & Hot” (PHC), a high-profile short film starring international model Kaone Kario in the lead role, will wrap up production in Gaborone this week.

Radio newsreader and model Tebogo Mokoto is among the cast members that made it for the film when it began production last week.

No details have been revealed about Mokoto’s character in the film. He is known for his sonorous baritone as a radio announcer and news reading flair.

Speaking during production last week, Mokoto shared: “Radio skills can be a part of film skills. I believe that PCH will be one of the competitive productions to come out of Botswana.”

He added that the film is being created by a group of Batswana professionals and so he expects it to be a competitive Botswana product. Infact, he says, that is why he joined the cast.


Africa, Dream Again
The short film stars four Batswana actors, namely Special Ramatudung, Gofaone Molosiwa, Tulani Theo Tau and Poloko Gladys Morobolo. The casting for Partly Cloudy & Hot was conducted by Julie Mango Casting and Acting Tribe, both of them Gaborone-based talent agencies.

It was announced On the Facebook page for the film this week: “‘Partly Cloudy & Hot’ is a loose adaptation of the award-winning off-Broadway play called “Motswana: Africa, Dream Again,” by Donald Molosi.

In 2012, Molosi won a Best Actor Award off-Broadway for his performance in the play, beating fellow nominees Denzel Washington and John Leguizamo.

Molosi, who is Executive-Producing “Partly Cloudy & Hot,” will not feature in the story as an actor himself. PCH is slated to premiere around the world and its producers hope to use the opportunity to expose the world to Botswana talent.

The film will be released in 2023