No YAMAs trademark at the awards

  • Final ruling will be on the 15th of February 2019- CIPA
  • Who is the mysterious designer who saved the YAMAs?
  • MMP Family & Charma gal, biggest winners


Everyone waited with baited breath this past weekend to see if the annual Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAs) would be staged after its former employee, Robin Chivazve threatened to petition the High Court if the station was not barred from using the YAMAs name and logo, his alleged intellectual property which is also the trademark of the awards.
However, the glitz and glamour award ceremony went ahead at the GICC with no visible YAMAs logo in sight. The only prominent branding on the night belonged to sponsors Budweiser and the Retro 5 slogan on the projector screen and backdrop banners.
Chivazve’s argument is that he built the blue print for the awards as he has a detailed execution plan, budgets projections, time lines and all the intricate details involved in the planning and execution of the idea. The matter was last week brought before the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) where a resolution was to be reached between Chivazve’s company, Ventura and Yarona FM. Chivazve did not disclose the resolution reached as his phone rang unanswered, and a close source who commented on terms of anonymity said the awards were allowed to continue without the trademark as the matter was still an ongoing case.
“The matter before CIPA was to rule on the use of the trademark and not to stop the awards. It was agreed between both parties last week that the final ruling will be on the 15th of February 2019,” CIPA spokesperson, Marietta Magashula also told this publication.
On Saturday night majority of attendees came out dressed to the nines in Bonang Matheba inspired red carpet outfits and ignored the set retro theme. They were however left disappointed when the SA media personality delayed for more than four hours because her gowns had not arrived in time for the show. She was saved by a mysterious designer who at the last minute managed to supply the dress she wore the entire night.
In an interview after the event, Matheba confessed that she had initially planned to wear four outfits for the awards, but her bags and stylist were stuck in Kenya and she made an alternative plan. She had hoped they would have landed by the time the show started but the show had to go on nonetheless.
Towards the end of the awards ceremony Matheba’s co-host Leungo Pitse acknowledged all the brands that dressed him for the night, but Matheba’s designer whose dress saved the show was kept a secret. Most renowned local designers who were interviewed by this publication said they did not dress Matheba and were equally curious. Despite the wardrobe and time hiccups the show lived up to expectations as MMP Family and Charma Gal stole the show with their hit “Chooseday” which bagged three awards (Best Collabo, Best Single Kwaito and Song of the Year), making them the biggest winners for the night. Meanwhile Han C scooped The Artist of the Year Award and Owen Rampha won the Icon Award.
Efforts to reach Yarona FM station manager, Kelly Ramputswa for further comments were futile as her phone rang unanswered.