Pizza Hut opens in Gabs

Locally owned franchise set out to change the way Batswana experience pizza


The newly opened mall in Phakalane, Acacia mall, is home to the newly introduced American franchise Pizza Hut, which is set to change how Batswana experience pizza. According to the Managing Director of Marathon Restaurant Group Botswana (Pty) Ltd, Bosisi Ntshole, Pizza Hut provides a compelling business case for Botswana market and an option for the consumer.
“The Botswana market over time has become more sophisticated and demanding of better value for their spend. All this presented an opportunity for the brand to be introduced in Botswana,” he told Time Out.
Asked what difference the franchise will be bringing to the local market, Ntshole said  Pizza Hut is a global brand that is highly ranked. “It operates under YUM Brands who have perfected the art of delivering products and services in pursuit of better customer satisfaction while not denting the consumer pockets. Pizza Hut Botswana presents an alternative to what is available in the market in the form of consistent taste, timely delivery and convenience in delivering the product to the consumer,” he explained.
Commenting on what Batswana can expect on the menu, he said the menu has considered the local pallet, however it is a standard in line with the Pizza Hut brand. “At this stage, it is still early to introduce a variant in the menu such as what is happening in the Asian market; where they offer noodles for example. Exciting new products will be rolled out shortly,” he said.
Moreover, Ntshole revealed that to set up the franchise required a heavy capital investment, rigorous training and a sound operational structure. Pizza Hut Botswana is part of Marathon Restaurant Group Africa under Marathon Restaurant Group Botswana (Pty) Ltd. The investment structure is placed at holding and trickles downstream, therefore it has the negotiation on the franchise rights and requirements.
Marathon Restaurant Group Botswana (Pty) Ltd is backed by investors from USA who are passive and therefore not involved in day to day operations. On average, each store will create a minimum of 15 jobs and they will increase depending on the business in the store. Further, indirectly there are jobs created and or maintained, for example transport, marketing, advertising, brand influencers among others.