Moroka Moreri, a seasoned Setswana poet, will be taking center stage at Maitisong in Gaborone for the live recording of his debut album, Nkokowe – A Setswana Poetry. The event, which is scheduled for 15th April, will be a fusion of present and past poetry songs that is expected to please his growing legion of fans.

The show is for a good cause, as it will honor the legendary jazz artist Bonjo Keipedile, who never received recognition despite his immense contribution to Botswana’s music scene. Proceeds from the live recording will go towards building Keipedile a house in his home village of Serowe.

Moroka’s poetic expertise will be on full display as he recites rich Setswana poems with royal dexterity, showcasing his lyrical sophistication. Some of the 15-track Nkokowe album’s song-poems patrons can expect to hear include Botho, which tackles moral decay in today’s society and seeks to restore the principle of respect (botho) back into our communities. Molepolole profiles the Bakwena’s dynasty, while Nthata is a love song that condemns Gender-Based Violence and highlights the importance of peaceful and loving homes. Nkemo, a crowd favorite, is a love song that chronicles the deep affection someone had for their elder brother, emphasizing the importance of family in today’s fragmented society.

Moroka is the headlining act and founder of the Motlhaolosa Poetry Ensemble, a rare platform for poetry and folklore artists to showcase their talents. The ensemble grooms young, aspiring poets to impart their knowledge and continue to develop the country’s poetry and folklore music. Moroka’s artistry and dedication to preserving the country’s cultural heritage is leaving an admirable legacy in Botswana.

Spokesperson Petleke Letlole encourages Batswana from all walks of life to attend the live event to enjoy Moroka Moreri’s poetry and to support a good cause. More information about the event will be shared in due course.