Pula The Musical Bags 4 Nominations 


  • Palesa Molefe nominated for Best Lead in a Musical
  • “Pula is our own version of The Lion King and Sarafina” – Director


In a historic turn of events recently, riveting dance music, “Pula The Musical” bagged four nominations.

The mesmeric musical ‘hoarded’ Best Lead in a Musical, Best Music Composer, Best Costume Design and Best Musical at the 1st Independent Theatre Makers Awards in South Africa.

Set to take place in early February, the awards aim to widen the scope for all works that may not make it to national theatres and to celebrate independent theatre makers.

First nomination

“This is our first nomination, and it is a big achievement for us,” the Director of the musical, Andrew Kola, told Time Out.

“We don’t have theatre awards in Botswana, and this recognition means that we have produced a good product that people love and would love to see more of.”

It seems Pula The Musical left a lasting impact on the audience during its performance at South Africa’s State Theatre in Pretoria in a bid to increase its footprint across borders.


Just like in Botswana, the South African theatre scene was abuzz with excitement as the dancers presented a spectacular and emotionally-charged performance that lingered in viewers minds long after the curtain fell.

Said Kola: “Pula is our very own version of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Sarafina.’ Each time you watch it, it feels like a new exciting experience.

“I guess we made a good mark for ourselves to get these nominations during the four days of late last year that we performed at the South Africa’s State Theatre in Pretoria.”

Mmapula – Best Lead  

The Best Lead in a Musical category featured lead actress and former Miss Botswana, Palesa Molefe, who plays the role of a young woman called Mmapula in the musical.

In Pula, Molefe is identified as the rainmaker who must set forth on an adventurous search of a specific type of life-giving rain for her people.

Pula, or rain, is highly cherished in Botswana and the fictional production is anchored on the practical and mystical relationship that Batswana have with rain.


And so when drought hits one tiny village in Botswana, the chief assembles his villagers to find a solution. The production explores themes of love, loss and hope, drawing on universal experiences that will resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Pula Project Manager, Kabelo Rapinyana, says they are hoping to take the musical regionally and internationally this year, using the power of theatre to showcase Botswana’s culture and heritage.

The Musical employs a blend of contemporary and traditional dance styles that are rooted in the rich history of Botswana.

“Winning these awards will put us in a good position because it creates the much-needed exposure that we desire for our theatre industry in Botswana,” Rapinyana said in an interview.