A Sense of Pride And A Measure of Regret Sums Up Phuthego



While former president of BRU, Modiri Phuthego, is proud that there is growing interest in rugby among Batswana because he took the sport out of the shadows, he says there are certain things that he could have done better (BLURB)


Reflecting on his tenure at the helm of Botswana Golf Union (BGU), the organisation’s former president, Modiri Phuthego, highlights achievements in corporate partnerships and membership growth but also acknowledges areas where improvements could have been made.

Speaking in an interview with Gazette Sports, after he was not able to returned to office in elections recently, he declared himself satisfied with the strides made in cultivating relationships with corporate entities.

In a better place

“I found the Union lagging behind in terms of partnerships with the corporate world, but we are in a better place now,” he said. “Our relationship with sponsors has grown significantly.”

With regard to membership, Phuthego attributed BRU’s success in attracting larger numbers to his efforts as well as “the crucial support” of his parents.

He spoke proudly of growing interest in golf among Batswana. “I have taken it out of the shadows and there is interest and membership has grown significantly,” he said. “I am glad that I am able to say I had a positive impact on the sport during my tenure.”

Attracting sponsors

But these accomplishments notwithstanding, Phuthego admitted there were areas where he felt he could have done better.

He feels so strongly about this that he has set plans into motion to develop a robust programme of attracting sponsors even though he is no longer on the executive of the organisation.

“Just before I exited the leadership of BRU, we were actually in the process of putting together such a development programme to present to potential sponsors,” he said.

Sense of pride

He also acknowledged that there is room for improvement in basic administrative matters. “In terms of basic administrative issues, I feel we could have done better.”

In assessing his time in office, Phuthego is therefore filled with a sense of pride and a measure of regret.