Raditholo Bags Major Role in HBO Max Drama, “Warrior” 

  • Believes “training should be at the heart of every creative”


Motswana actor and film director, Gaosi Raditholo, is hoisting the country’s flag high after securing a prominent role in season three of the globally syndicated HBO Max acquired martial arts crime drama, “Warrior,” that also streams on Showmax.

“Warrior” is based on the writings of the iconic cultural figure, Bruce Lee, and is set during the Tong Wars which took place in the 1800s in San Francisco.

In filming “Warrior,” the local actress worked and rubbed shoulders with great talents, including the show’s creator Jonathan Tropper and executive producer Shannon Lee.

“I am a storyteller”

“This is a massive opportunity because I have always had the dream of being an international actress,” said the Jo’burg-based Raditholo in an interview. “I am a storyteller.

“I understand how difficult it is to survive in Botswana’s industry because it is still growing. I am therefore truly humbled to be a part of such a great project with a compelling story.”

She plays the role of Abigail, a bartender who is a feisty character that swindles Lee (another character) out of cash but the two end up developing an attraction for each other despite their first unpleasant encounter.

Both hustlers

Raditholo started her journey in “Warrior” with a small role that was killed off in the initial script because the show’s producers felt her talent was too good for an ending role and was brought back to play the role of a new character, Abigail in Season Two.

“In comparison to my character,” she said, “Abigail has a feisty demeanour and I am very calm and easygoing. We are both hustlers but differ when it comes to our moral compass as I am a very honest person.”

The Mahalapye native has established herself as a pure storyteller who is able to transform from her shy off-screen persona to embody virtually any role to perfection as soon as the camera is turned her way.

Unexplored talent

Her wish for aspiring creatives and thespians? Training should be at the heart of every creative in order for them to tell better and gripping stories.

“There is a lot of unexplored talent in Botswana,” Raditholo said. “Get yourself into training. Get an agent and develop your own mini-productions to see how they will perform.”

Award winning

Prior to attaining her Master’s degree (majoring in directing and playwriting), when she was in her third year as a dramatic arts student at Wits University, she was awarded the Percy Tucker award as the prestigious school’s best directing student.

Cameo role 

She firmly established herself as one of the brightest young actresses with roles on film and TV productions such South Africa’s leading telenovela “Keeping Score,” “The Queen,” “The River,” sci-fi series “Vagrant Queen,” and a cameo role in National Geographic’s “Crisis in the Hot Zone” series.

“My plan is to develop my own productions back at home because I have been exposed to bigger industries,” she told Time Out. “Personally, I want to do more and explore more industries abroad.”