Celebrated rapper Atlasaone ATI Molemogi this morning posted on social media that he managed to secure a meeting with the BDP spokesperson, Kagelelo Banks Kentse who promised to facilitate a meeting with President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

It has been the charismatic artist’s wish to meet with the President as a ‘representative of the people’ who are not prioritized by the ruling party, he had said in his recent social media rant.

In an interview, the elated rapper revealed that today he met with Kentse, and promoter Gilbert PP Seagile to discuss the agenda of the meeting.

“It has been my plan since the first day I got on the stage, that one day I will speak for the people of Botswana, about their daily struggles because they are not prioritized. I have always said it was not about me but the people and this time the so called ‘mad man’ will lead the blind,” ATI said. He declined to discuss the struggles he was referring to.

“There are so many injustices that I would like to point out and hopefully resolve with the President. Any ear that is willing will listen and if I don’t get the chance to air my views that will be taken forward through my political career, which I will reveal soon. But for now, I am happy that I met with Kentse and it’s promising.”

Kentse who confirmed that he met with the artist as the BDP Communications chair to understand his plight as a local artist. “We will see how it unfolds. Meeting the President has it’s own procedures and I am not in charge of that,” he briefly said.

The ‘Khiring Khorong’ hit-maker also revealed that he will be releasing his last album this year before he embarks on a political career.